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Here are just some of the revolutionary, high-performance products featuring GORETM OPTIFADETMConcealment in our Open Country pattern, designed to make hunters comfortable and NOTHING in the eyes of elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep and mountain goats in rugged mountain terrain.
SITKA® Traverse Beanie
Designed to keep your head warm during a cold night and wick sweat in the heat of the hunt, this lightweight, packable, early-season hat, with 4-Way stretch poly-spandex, is a perfect complement to a cold weather layering system.

Outer Layer - Withstands the worst weather...in comfort

SITKA® Stormfront Jacket with GORE-TEX® Performance Shell

The Stormfront's 3-layer GORE-TEX® Performance Shell makes it some of the most abrasion resistant breathable rain gear on the planet. Articulated elbows for an unrestricted range of motion, pit zips to dump heat during a climb, taped and welded seams, water tight chest and hand pockets and a bomber hood that will withstand prolonged exposure to nature's wrath.

Mid Layer - Offers core warmth and wind resistance

SITKA® Jetstream Vest with WINDSTOPPER® fabric technology

A great layer for the hunter who wants to mix and match a hunting system, this vest can be worn over or under additional garments for its wind-stopping capacity.

Base Layer - Wicks moisture away. Dries quickly.

SITKA® Core Zip-T

The Core Zip-T is designed to literally pull moisture off the surface of your skin, keeping you dry from the inside out. Utilizing silver encapsulated technology, the Core Zip-T also reduces odor-causing bacteria.

SITKA® Jetstream Glove with WINDSTOPPER® fabric
Built for cold, blustery days, this WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell glove is full-wind protection with form-fitting comfort and dexterity. This is your glove for mid- to late-season hunts – when you need your fingers to stay sharp for extended forays into the back country.
Extra concealment. Ultra performance.
You and your gear should be one in the eyes of elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Count on these accessories, which feature GORETM OPTIFADETM Concealment, to outlast and outwit your open country prey...as you dissolve into the background.
G5® PrimeTM Centroid
PRIMETM aims to take bow technology and innovation to new heights. Thanks to a breakthrough cam technology, G5® PRIMETM bows provide reduction in bow torque, tighter groups down range, improved broadhead flight, considerable reduction of limb failure, virtually no cam lean and significant reduction of left to right nock travel.
Mystery Ranch® NICE 6500
The NICE 6500, at 6,500 cubic inches, is ideal for long hunts or extended missions – even that 10-day trip you always wanted to take into the backcountry. A classic top-loading design with dual draw cord shroud increases weather resistance and allows for upward expansion. And this bag has enough features to organize the largest loads.
Game play
technological to the core !
Spot The Hunter Game
Think you could spot a hunter wearing GORETM OPTIFADETM Concealment? Play Spot the Hunter and find out for yourself.
Deer Vision Game - Open Country
Discover how ungulates see the world and watch GORETM OPTIFADETM Concealment disappear into the surrounding environment.
Compare the Patterns
Now Gore scientists have developed GORETM OPTIFADETM Concealment in Forest pattern; compare the Forest and Open Country patterns and understand the difference.
Layering Basics
Learn how you can make rapid adjustments to your body's heat and moisture levels as they fluctuate with the intensity of your activity and with changing weather conditions.