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Here are just some of the revolutionary, high-performance products featuring GORETM OPTIFADETMConcealment in our Forest pattern, a technology designed to make tree stand hunters comfortable and NOTHING in the eyes of whitetail deer at close engagement ranges and elevated angles.
Stratus Beanie with WINDSTOPPER® fabric
Taking care of your head can make or break your hunt. The Stratus Hat brings the comfort of WINDSTOPPER® technology down your forehead for additional warmth, utilizing the lighter weight Traverse Fabric for better hearing over the ears. A higher lofted backer keeps your head warmer, even in the coldest woods.

Outer Layer - Withstands the worst weather...in comfort

SITKA® Fanatic Jacket with WINDSTOPPER® fabric

The Fanatic is a key item in the SITKA® Forest line that is specifically and scientifically designed for the hardcore whitetail hunter. A unique feature is the side zipper design, which allows for a kangaroo pocket to keep hands warm and ready for the next shot. This feature also places the zipper on the hunter's shoulder and not in front of their chin. The Fanatic's fully articulated arms, knees and seat eliminate bulkiness, making it very comfortable for extended sits.

Mid Layer - Offers core warmth and wind resistance

SITKA® Traverse Zip-T

The wind-resistant, durable, 4-way stretch poly-spandex Traverse Zip-T can be worn in all technical situations –holding in heat and warding off odor-causing bacteria.

Base Layer - Wicks moisture away. Dries quickly.

SITKA® Core Merino Zip-T

Excellent at regulating body temperature, the Core Merino Zip-T, provides warmth and wicks moisture, making it comfortable against the skin.

SITKA® Stratus Gloves with WINDSTOPPER® fabric
To keep your hands covered, dry, and hidden from the sharp eyes of your prey, you need SITKA® Stratus Gloves. The lightly brushed face on these WINDSTOPPER® gloves adds another level of stealth necessary in the quiet, still woods of winter.
Extra concealment. Ultra performance.
You and your gear should be one in the eyes of whitetail deer. Count on these accessories, which feature GORETM OPTIFADETM Concealment, to outlast and outwit your forest prey...as you dissolve into the background.
SITKA® Flash 20 Day Pack
The Flash 20, a highly technical day pack suited for long jaunts, provides enough room for snacks, water, even a small bivy cache. It's designed to give you the freedom to secure even the most awkward loads, enabled for hydration systems and optimal air circulation in the lumbar region.
Game play
technological to the core !
Spot The Hunter Game
Think you could spot a hunter wearing GORETM OPTIFADETM Concealment? Play Spot the Hunter and find out for yourself.
Deer Vision Game - Forest
Discover how ungulates see the world and watch GORETM OPTIFADETM Concealment disappear into the surrounding environment.
Compare the Patterns
Now Gore scientists have developed GORETM OPTIFADETM Concealment in Forest pattern; compare the Forest and Open Country patterns and understand the difference.
Layering Basics
Learn how you can make rapid adjustments to your body's heat and moisture levels as they fluctuate with the intensity of your activity and with changing weather conditions.