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What ungulates see

Animal vision research indicates exactly how deer and other hoofed animals see, both spatially and colorimetrically.

Human vision uses full range of colors. Ungulate vision uses shades of yellow, blue and gray only.

Bottom line: Ungulates suffer from red-green colorblindness.
(See Figure 1)

The human's field of view is 120°. The ungulate's field of view is 280° and a simple turn of the head expands its view to 360°.

Bottom line: Ungulates have a wider field of vision.
(See Figure 2)

Mimicry patterns (like those on traditional camouflage) are designed to work at engagement distances of 20 meters or less.

Even high-definition sticks and leaves on mimicry patterns that appear photorealistic on the store shelf, block up into a mass of gray at standard hunting engagement ranges due to a principal known as isoluminence.

Bottom line: Traditional camouflage fails at standard hunting engagement ranges.

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Figure 1: Human vision vs. Ungulate vision
Figure 2: Human Field of View: 120°
Ungulate Field of View: 280°